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Selected DPHQ-constructed websites

The websites listed below are active customer sites and serve as examples of our work that is now in use on the web. Customer requirements vary, as does the purpose each website serves.

While not all websites need to earn their own living, we are proud that some of these websites do generate substantial revenue each month for their owners. It's just one form of validation that our website work properly serves our customers' business models.

We hope you will find here an example that inspires you to ask us to assist you with your website project.

How do I get a website for free features how to get a website for free when you buy a domain name.

For simple web projects this is just the ticket. For advanced or complex web projects you can get everything you need right here.

The how do i get a website for free website uses a custom website template developed for Interclix Hosting by

Ed Bagley's College Footbal features college football reporting by Ed Bagley, a professional writer.

You will love his direct approach analysis and the just-the-facts, M'aam tone in his writing. Concise, consistent, and crisp sports reading. Sign up and get the free
Ed Bagley College Football RSS feed.

The Northwest Marketing website uses a custom website template developed by for use with Wordpress.

Northwest Marketing features the successful personal marketing programs developed by Ed Bagley, and highlights his skill as a professional writer.

Ed Bagley's writing works and links include several books on resume and interview preparation, his Quality Resumes website, blog websites about timely topics, and sports.

The Northwest Marketing website uses a custom website template developed by

Old Car Nut Book

The Old Car Nut Book project shares stories and pictures about people and old cars. Contributions come from old car nuts, like you. Read - Contribute - Enjoy!

The Old Car Nut Book website uses a custom template for Joomla 1.7 developed by

PRO Call Center Answering Service

PRO Answering Service has since 1988 delivered 24x7x365 call center answering service to its hundreds of clients. Located in Fife, Washington, they are centrally located to serve all of Western Washington, as well as the entire USA. Using the latest call center answering service equipment, they can provide services and reliability that many other call centers can't provide. Get the best answering service for your clients to use when you can't answer the phone.

The website uses PHP, HTML, CSS and a one of a kind website template developed by

FSBO Auto Advisor

The hot market for clean used cars can make reliable, affordable cars and trucks a challenge to locate. Get For Sale By Owner selling advice directly from David Dickinson, your FSBO Auto Advisor™. Check out this new service by a seasoned professional.

Also, check out this article by author David Dickinson, FSBO Auto Advisor, on For Sale by Owner Success.

FSBO Auto Advisor™ uses PHP and HTML, and uses CSS and server side includes for common code for the main website.

ILocal Online

iLocal Online

We built the original iLocal Marketing website, which assists its clients with solutions that help build customer traffic through simple to complex websites and improved search results in search engines. E-commerce websites are sometimes developed, depending on need. Targeted keywords, and other types of advertising solutions and results analysis are the specialty. An experienced, professional team works with each client to recommend a plan targeted to deliver the desired results. Local advertising for Washington State markets and the greater Seattle Tacoma and I-5 corridor market.

Safeland Storage Centers .com

Safeland Storage Centers is the corporate site for a chain of self storage unit locations in the Puyallup and Tacoma areas of Washington State. Safeland also features office space and mini warehouse unit combinations, as well as individual office space or warehouse space - up to 95,000 square feet. Some locations were recently completed in 2008 and 2009 and feature the latest building technology, upscale security and conveniences for their customers, and a full range of services, plus moving truck rental from Penske and U-Haul.

check out Safeland Storage Centers

The SAFELANDSTORAGE.COM family of websites use PHP and HTML, and use CSS and server side includes for common code.

This family of websites also features hand-crafted web pages for the fiercely competitive self-storage space / office / warehouse space rental markets.

Consider Safeland Storage Centers full line of amenities, new facilities, convenient locations and friendly Service for your storage needs in the greater South Hill, Puyallup and Tacoma areas.

South Hill Safeland Storage  Puyallup
self storage Safeland Tacoma
self storage puyallup Safeland Storage

Picture This Car .com

Picture This Car uses PHP and HTML, and uses CSS and server side includes for common code for the main website. Collectable vintage cars and trucks and contemporary cars are showcased.

Special website setup uses several MySQL data bases and makes for easy addition of new photo albums in several categories by the website manager. Check out this new service by a professional automotive photographer.

check out Picture This

Ronald's Iced Tea Mix

Ronald's Tea combines PHP and HTML, and uses CSS and server side includes for common code for the main website. The Ronald's Tea shopping cart is a separate website, lives on its own server and is driven by a customized software shopping cart kit available at . There is cross linkage between the main website and the shopping cart. Check our rankings: search for us on Google or Yahoo.

This iced tea mix is good, order some.

Row River Valley Water District

The Row River Valley Water District recently became a public utility to serve water customers in the Dorena, Oregon area. Their website is based on Joomla, available free with hosting services from The website layout is highly customized for the customer and the features are optimized for the customer's business. We provided the initial layout, graphics and content, and the customer (RRVWD) has since modified the content.

Joomla was selected because it's a simple-to-maintain solution that allows the RRVWD staff to have full control of the website's content, without having to become programmers to get it done. The content categories are determined by the administrator. Joomla also has various security features built into the product.

Junk hauling, Tacoma, Property Support Services LLC

Property Support Services, LLC uses PHP and HTML, CSS and server side includes for common code and future flexibility. The website has a clean look, it's easy to read and to maintain. The site's story is short, and the site easily allows customers to make secure payments in advance of services or on account. That's very handy for the drivers and allows customers with urgent hauling needs to pay right away. The office staff can verify payment, usually within five minutes, and dispatch the crew to the next customer.

Hands Free Cell Phone Law

Hands Free Cell Phone Law is a work in progress that uses PHP and HTML to create custom form pages to input research into a MySQL database. PHP and HTML are also used to create dynamic content from the database. A simple click updates each database record which is followed by the automatic generation of a semi-dynamic web page that pulls appropriate content from the database when the page is requested.

Each web page also builds its own updated menus and linked content each time it is displayed (based on certain criteria and database data). This not only builds the intra-site navigation, but automatically keeps it up to date. Each page uses server side includes and CSS to share common code. Other features have poised the site to anticipate long term favorable placement among search results. It's very fast, well organized, and easy to read. Do you know the law in your State?

Park Avenue Books, used books in Tacoma

Park Avenue Books is currently written in HTML and uses server side includes and CSS.

Press 1 Promotions press release service

Press 1 Promotions is written in HTML using server side includes and CSS. This project was a rewrite of an earlier version of the website which looked good, but did not have page construction favorable at the time to good search engine results placement. screenshot functions as a hub around which other websites provide specific services. The layout is simple, clean looking, easy to read and easy to maintain. The underlying structure uses server side includes and CSS for code common to most pages. The basic website structure is easily adapted to other uses.



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