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We think it's important, and only fair, that someone let you know up front that there is a lot more to building a successful business web site than meets the untrained eye.  It is, however, primarily what meets your customers' eyes that contributes to the success, or failure, of your website project. Getting your website to be seen by your sales prospect is the other major factor, along with converting prospects (web surfers) to Customers. Whether you are considering a new website or redevelopment of an existing website, offers the required experience, talent, tools, and other resources to help assure your web project is a success.

Our first job is to help you develop your plan for communicating with your prospects and customers through your website.

Putting only your business name and logo on the Internet is unlikely to be of benefit to your business. We believe that, in order to be effective, your use of the Internet should include a plan which is comprehensive with respect to your business processes. We don't necessarily believe that the first version of your website needs to have all of the elements of your business addressed in its first phase of implementation. But, that your project has a direction, because you have a plan, is important to the success of your website project.

Your website should Support, Enhance, and Compliment your business process(es).

We like to begin our discussion of "how we can help" by learning from you which process(es) of your business you want your website to support, enhance and/or compliment.

  • Who is your business and what does it do?
  • What do you do for your customers, and what distinguishes your business from your competitors?
  • When and how often do you get new customers?
  • Where is your business (ranking, geography, methods of contact, growth) among competitors in your industry?
  • Why do you want/need a website?
  • What do you want from your website?
  • How do you get your customers now?
  • Do you get / want repeat business?
  • Do you want to do something new for your customers?
  • Do you expect to gain new business as a result of your website?
  • What are the business / regulatory constraints (if any) for your industry and marketing?
  • Does your website need to comply with Section 508 Requirements? (ref: USDOJ Americans with Disabilities Act or similar state requirements)
  • How big is your market (now, future)?
  • What is your sense of urgency for the project?
  • What is your budget for the project (phases)?
  • How does the related data move into, through, and out of your business?
  • What are the key decisions in the data flow?
  • Which of your players need to see the data, reports, etc., and how frequently?
  • other

By understanding these elements we can put together an approach that will address your website needs for:

  • getting seen
    To attract new surfers to your website it needs to be able to be found on the Internet. To increase visibility, your website also needs to have some alliances on the Internet, including a plan for dealing with search engines, indexes and directories, whether to buy or share advertising, banners, and more. How this is done is a combination of experience, contacts, current knowledge, art form, and budget. We believe that planning for this aspect of your website works best when done before the web pages are built, rather than after the fact.

    Note that some website developers create sites which offer beautiful presentation but do not apparently contain certain codes within the web pages to encourage search engines to list the website favorably among search results. We feel this approach is a lot like putting one of your best billboards on an uncharted hiking trail. Few interested people are likely to see your website without explicit instructions on how to get to it, and an intense desire to make the extra effort.

    Websites that we develop for our customers contain elements designed to encourage favorable listing and ranking by search engines. We have created websites which earned the #1 listing in search engines, and maintained a position in the top ten listings for 16 consecutive months beginning as early as 1999. Sometimes we are able to achieve multiple listings in the top ten or twenty positions for specific searches. Websites which we build and are fully developed are easy to find and rank well in many major search engine search results.

  • your company's business image on the Internet
    including website layout, graphics & logo, content presentation, and more.

  • functional requirements for getting your message across
    This includes IEEE compliant web page HTML construction or generally acceptable variations, proper use and placement of text material, META tags, graphics, logos and icons, navigation objects, and other constructs so your site will be indexable and be considered for favorable ranking by search engines.

  • order taking
    Presentation of goods & services, securing the order

  • order processing
    is what you do with the data you collect from your customers

  • post-processing
    is what you do to follow up with your customers, what you do to manage the information you acquire during a transaction or exchange of data, raw data management, trend analysis

  • security
    is steps taken to assure that those items of info that are not to be shared don't get shared or abused

  • information sharing
    If you wish to share certain information with certain other entities, as in the case of a poll or with your website surfers, certain statistics or other info you collect or maintain can be shared.

Website Development by DPHQ offers:

  • Proven effectiveness
  • Service
  • Lower cost for implementation

You may be thinking of using the Internet and the Web as your vehicle to get your message out and to elicit sales and inquiries, build good will, and the like. We invite you to submit an inquiry to to determine your approximate cost to build your web site. Your inquiry will be held in confidence.

If you are interested in reviewing some other things to consider about building a web site, please click here for an overview.

Thanks for checking us out.


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