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Considerations for building your own web site

Thoughts on preparing to build a web site

Concentrate on what you want your customers to know and give them a reason to act immediately. When you tell us what these things are and show us your existing artwork, logo, brochures and catalogs, our experienced page designers will translate these concepts into a working web page which you can view on the real World Wide Web. You give it a look and approve it. When you say it's ready, we move it into your own domain (, and your web site is "on the Internet".

Don't allow yourself as a business owner to get caught up in the hype over which web site building tool is best to use, or which browser your customers may use, or the presence or absence of the specialized images placed on a web page. We encourage you to leave those considerations to your Webmaster and your web site building team

One of the costs of the Web is waiting

Every day that you continue to wonder whether your company should have a web site is web presence lost. Web presence lost is our own term for not being among the search-results of your prospect's and customer's web-search on the subject of your business, business name, product or service line, etc...  It also means not having your web site available for your existing customers and prospects to view your products and services, make contacts and place orders.

Outsourcing with DPHQ Business Web Services lowers your cost

Experienced professionals can provide the end result to you in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of  inconvenience, and lowest cost to you. This translates into a  new and profit-generating avenue to more business.

  • You are involved with the overall plan and approve the the finished product.
  • You benefit from the experience of web site builders who already know the tools and inner workings of the web.
  • Your web text material is created and/or approved by one of our professional writers for spelling, grammar, syntax, context, and reading level.
  • Your database, if you need one, is set up by an expert.
  • The presentation, banners, graphics and color scheme of your web site is set up by an experienced graphics designer.
  • Your webmaster establishes your web address if you don't already have one.
  • If you want to use advertising, he/she can also coordinate your shared advertising and provide you with web site activity statistics.
  • Your webmaster will also set up your initial Email accounts and electronic postoffice at your own domain, i.e.,

If you want to take credit card orders on the Internet, we'll help you set that up, too. Secure Internet Transactions are are a benefit your customers will appreciate. And more.

Doing it yourself

If you choose to build your own web site you incur costs in terms of getting yourself educated and other constraints of the proverbial learning curve. If you're in business, the first cost is delay.

An experienced web site building team can give you a big head start. We at feel that your business interest is better served by you not spending your business day learning to build a web site. By doing what you do best (your business) and outsourcing the web building task to Business Web Services,  we can begin to establish your web presence in less than 24 hours.

If you insist on doing it yourself, and you are really in a hurry, you can send yourself (or designated staff person) to school to learn web site construction in a crash course, or a drawn-out course. The full crash course will probably cost about as much as a deluxe web site and the drawn-out course will cost probably less in terms of tuition. After you are educated, you still have the requirement to build the web site, check it, promote it to production, verify the site "in production" (the WWW), and more. Only you are qualified to guess the value of your web presence lost. "Hmmm...Let's see. If I would have had my web site operational this week , I could have earned another $$$."

Doing the web site construction in-house will probably have additional costs. Among these costs are the frequent demand for one or more computers dedicated to the support of web site development. While the multiple-computer approach is not always required, it is very useful to take this approach, particularly for testing the creation. (This approach will also require an in house network.) For each of these computers the costs would include the operating system license and a license for each of the software tools to be used. The cost for a suite of web software tools and assorted software utilities goes from down-right free to thou$ands, and often you get what you pay for. And then comes the web site building-tool software-upgrade game$. Were you thinking of take a salesperson off his/her job to have a go at this project for you?

Outsourcing your Web site may be looking even better to you now. It is, after all, your business you're putting on the Internet. Contact us and tell us what you want.


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