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Article by David Dickinson
April 28, 2010

For Sale by Owner Success Or More Money in Less Time With Less Hassle and Frustration

You can sell a classic car or special interest car or truck or a late model vehicle as a For Sale By Owner with great success for more money, in less time and with less hassle and frustration. There is more buying and selling of Classic and Special Interest cars and trucks now than ever before. That means more and more competition for you as a seller than ever before and quite frankly, some sellers are simply better at the process than others!

How do you make YOUR sale happen sooner and for more money with the least amount of hassle and inconvenience? You need some education and resources! You need to find out what successful sellers already know.

Have you ever noticed how some For Sale By Owner vehicles out there just seem to sell faster and for more money than others? Have you wondered what goes through the seller's heads that they seem to know what to do and when to do it?

How do they know the real market value? How do they convey that value to others that might be all the way across the state or country from them? How do they know what to say in an ad and how to respond to buyers on the phone or in emails?

It is NOT luck that they sell faster and for more money and it is NOT that their cars or trucks are any better. It is NOT because they are in a better area or that they are giving away their cars. So, how do those sellers do it better than most? They have knowledge and experience. They are Savvy! You can learn from start to finish, the step by step things YOU NEED TO DO by simply going to the internet and reading articles on various websites. Some of the information available on advertising sites is good information. There are independent authors with some good tips, as well. In short, you have to do the research in order to put the whole picture together.

That can be the difference, depending on the price range of your vehicle, between marketing it effectively and taking it to a consignment dealer OR waiting for someone to come and take it away from you for a greatly reduced value... because you're just too frustrated to mess with it any more. It is always my goal to sell to the first buyer that shows interest for the most amount of money... and I don't always expect that buyer to be in my own backyard. Here are some of the things that make for successful seller:

  • Prepare yourself with knowledge and have the right attitude
  • Prepare your vehicle for sale mechanically and aesthetically
  • Do a complete photo documentation of your vehicle
  • Display your pictures in an easy to access gallery
  • Write great ads using proven guidelines
  • Get the exposure your vehicle deserves and market it online for FREE... to a local and nationwide audience
  • Put all the pieces together that will make the phone ring and have email inquiries filling your inbox
  • Respond to your buyer in a way that moves them to make the purchase of your vehicle
  • Complete the sale properly, knowing all of the paperwork is done right

You can find out more in the authors link below. If you believe that your special vehicle deserves the best marketing that you can provide, then there is something you should know... You are the perfect person to do the job! No one knows your car or truck better than you. You just need to know how to put together all of the pieces of the marketing puzzle to accomplish your goal.

As FSBO Auto Advisor, I consult with sellers of classic and late model cars and trucks. Through the FSBO Auto Advisor Selling System, I provide marketing expertise and services. On a local level, in the Seattle and Greater Puget Sound region, I personally perform the marketing tasks that many do not have the time or knowledge to perform for themselves. I take the pictures, write the ads, post the ads and consult with sellers all through the sales process.

Additionally, I provide a concise online How To program called The FSBO EZ Sale Click It Method. It is designed for those sellers outside of my geographic area or those that have the time and inclination but lack the knowledge to effectively market their personal vehicle as a For Sale By Owner seller. From the time you decide to sell until the job is done, you will have the information you need to accomplish your goal.

David Dickinson

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